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Rent the Camp

Castle Rock Baptist Camp is an independent Baptist Camp.  As such it exists for the purpose of providing a camping program that promotes the Gospel of Jesus Christ and biblical life values.  In light of this, the camp facility is available for use outside the scheduled camping program to groups and individuals of like faith and practice.  All requests for use of the camp facilities should be sent to the current Camp Director for review and subsequent approval by the Camp Board.

Renters must submit the application form and fee (non-refundable) to the Camp Director.  They must be in agreement with the Statement of Faith of the CRBC and comply with the rules and standards of CRBC. Any exceptions must be approved by the Camp Director. The Camp Director will then review their application and submit it to the Cooperating Board for review and approval. The Camp Director has the authority to cancel rental if he deems circumstances warrant. Once approved, fees must be paid in full to hold the dates. No dates will be considered reserved until fees have been paid.

Fees for Rental
The following fees will be charged to those groups that wish to use the CRBC facilities:
• Application fee. (Non-Refundable) $50.00
• Daily use fee for IMBF member groups $200.00
• Daily use fee for Non-IMBF member groups $600.00

Download Rental Application

Castle Rock Baptist Camp is a ministry of the Inter-Mountain Baptist Fellowship.